Downloadable KS Yearbooks
For Survivors and Allies

p. 5 of 1974 yearbook
p. 5 of 1974 yearbooks

To be used by survivors and allies.

Terms of Use: I agree NOT to post images from these document on social media, except in the context of helping survivors and helping to bring the story out BECAUSE I acknowledge that this document contains images of children who were being abused at the time, or who would go on to be abused. I agree not to use this copy of this yearbook, or any copies I or another person make from this copy, including any derivations, for any form of business or any investigations run by The Key School. I do not hold those involved in creating these documents or putting together this information responsible for any liability in any form, and I accept that these documents were created in good faith in order to bring out the truth.

1971 yearbook

1974 yearbook

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